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The purpose of the website is to serve as an educational resource for students, instructors, and working professionals who are interested in the nuclear engineering field. We hope to make a significant web-based resource for a variety of nuclear science and engineering educational materials. The primary focus is on nuclear reactor physics, reactor operations, and the modeling and analysis of nuclear systems. The unique aspect of this site is that it provides a direct link to data from the UMass-Lowell research reactor (UMLRR) -- a real operating research reactor that can provide real data to illustrate many of the basic concepts needed in the design and operation of any nuclear system. Direct access to archived data from the reactor (power level, flow rate, various temperatures, etc.) can be used to illustrate the actual operation of the UMLRR facility, as well as highlight some specific aspect of the underlying physics of a particular process. In addition, direct access to real-time operating data from the UMLRR is also provided -- which allows a user to view reactor operational data, in real time, as an experiment or demonstration is being performed.

All this capability is provided for educational purposes only. As such, we have limited access to most of the material on the site by requiring a user login procedure to activate the various links given under the main navigation menu at the top of each web page. In addition, because of the limited number of users that can actually login and view the real-time portion of the site at the same time, a second login process is required to access the UMLRR Online link. Thus, a two-step procedure is required -- one login for general access to most of the archived material on the website and a second, application-specific login when you start the InduSoft Web Studio software that provides direct real-time communication from the UMLRR.

To facilitate the management of user accounts, we ask that individual students who are interested in this website make requests through an appropriate instructor -- so that we can keep the number of user accounts to manageable levels. If you are an instructor or a working professional and you feel that access to this website and the UMLRR Online capability would be beneficial to you and/or your students, please fill in the form given below. We will evaluate your request and respond with further information as soon as possible:

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